International Football tournaments in the heart of Germany

The english-information for the SFG-Cup will follow in early February

Let´s go to the SFG-Cup in Germany

The SFG-Cup is a series of international tournaments for junior teams girls and boys in Kirchheim/Hessen- the family-friendliest place in Hessen.

There will be exciting matches and a versatile supporting programme. You will sleep in holiday homes or hotel rooms and have meals and a variety of leisure facilities included.


Why the SFG-Cup ?

- Over 1000 participating teams in the last five years

- Teams from all over Europe, from 14 different countries in the last five years

- Guaranteed many and long games for each team

- Short breaks between the games, short waiting times

- Time for other activities with the team

- Great accomodations make the team trip a all-round experience